If you are a Kindergarten or have a group of kids 10 and under, I create a program  to fit your needs.

We even don’t need a tennis court just a plain surface to lay down the lines for this special program. I bring the lines the net and balls. Also rackets are included.

Let’s have fun with your kids.


If you practice in an academy but you want more and an individualized practice.

I can help you work on match strategy, your personal fitness or whatever helps you to become a better player.

We create your individual program building on your strengths and improving your weaknesses.


You are a group of ladies wanting to improve your tennis and fitness.

We can create a program just for playing with fun or also combine tennis and fitness and work in the mornings on both. Better than every fitness center as you are in the fresh air and can have fun with other people.

Texas on wood

You need a tennis or fitness program? Tell me about your wishes and I build the program which suits you.