The John Newcombe Tennis Academy gave me the first insight into the American way of teaching tennis. I was 10 in those days. I loved it. A lot of my later experiences in the world of tennis were inspired by this academy. Thanks to Bob and Phil and all the others.

During my stay I also coached in Camps and was a hitting partner for some students.


One of my private coaches at Newk’s was Chris Novic. He went back to Australia and I followed him for 2 years working for his Focus Academy in Townsville, now in Brisbane. It was a lot of fun in Downunder.

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I worked in Pittsburgh for a year as Assistant Director Racquets. But the cold weather made me and my wife homesick and we went back to Texas.

I learned to play Paddle there and would be happy if I could play that in Texas too.


Coming back from my first camp at Newk’s, I wanted to train like this. Spencer & Spencer opened in Essen (now in Dusseldorf). Chris Spencer and I are now good friends even not seeing us very often.

I worked for some time for the academy during summer as a coach and was hitting partner for nationally and ITF ranked juniors and ATP pros.


Sean McKinley was also one of my private coaches at Newk’s. I now work for him and his academy Mac360.

One of my best friend from the days at Newk’s, Jake Baranowski, was also a coach here for a while. That is how at least the tennis world runs in circles.